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Trusted Advisor & Mentor

I strongly believe in the value of trusted relationships, having worked alongside some extremely talented independent Business Owners, customers and colleagues and have seen the positive impact these relationships have on businesses and their performance.

As we create a close relationship working together on your business, I can act as an ongoing advisor to you into the future.

Whether that is checking in on how things are going, assisting with new initiatives as they materialise or giving advice on growth potential opportunities for the future, I can be an ongoing support to you and your business as you require.


I have a passion for people development and having coached and mentored many great individuals over time, whilst also learning from some of the best leaders around, I would love to share my experience to make a difference to your business through your teams. Whether its career planning, personal growth or helping with team building and engagement.

Investing in people’s personal development and growth is a great way to build  and maintain a positive culture in a business.