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About Me

Hi, I’m Em the founder of Clearing Clouds. Having worked in a variety of roles in some fantastic businesses, from large corporate to small/medium family owned, my passion for people alongside my commercial and operational experience has resulted in me helping individuals, teams and businesses achieve their ambitions and potential.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people during my journey so far, which has inspired me to help others to love what they do and perform to their absolute best.

I have a wide range of experience, starting my career in Finance gaining my CIMA qualification through to Commercial, Sales & Operational Director roles, so I am able to flex my style to multiple challenges and opportunities.

By using the tried and tested skills I have developed over time I can benefit your business and your people, with a straightforward and honest approach.

My belief…

Clearing Clouds was born from my desire to use my experience to help others, and to really make a difference. To an individual person, to a team, to a business. I believe by focusing on supporting and developing great people and building an engaging, positive culture this becomes the bedrock for exceptional business performance. By providing purpose, a reason to believe and a sense of belonging, complimented by the right structure it drives people’s motivation and ultimately long term commercial value for the business.

This was demonstrated whilst heading up a Brewery business where our ambition, vision, and purpose setting, galvanised a team of empowered and engaged people which proved to be a fundamental driver of the team’s success, delivering extraordinary business results. Everyone felt involved, inspired, and willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to achieve and exceed the business’s potential. Combined with clear responsibilities and motivating communication this promoted collaboration meaning individuals were energised and motivated, which customers and partners felt the benefit of too.

I have led this approach for other businesses and am excited to do this for businesses like yours.


What the business does…

I work with individual business owners and small to medium businesses providing guidance, support, and development to help drive commercial performance through engaged, motivated people creating a positive and loyal culture. I also have Non Executive Director responsibility as part of my portfolio, including a local charity board, which gives me an independent view point, which in turn can help businesses I work with thrive and grow.

By acting independently, whilst understanding your business and building a trusting relationship from the outset, I can help take a holistic view and clear some of the challenges you face, helping you drive your business forward.

Using my varied experiences, knowledge, and fantastic network of amazing colleagues and like minded contacts from my journey so far, I help businesses with their challenges and opportunities, adding value.

There could be many ways in which we might work together, and with the collaborative nature in which I work I’d love to understand your business more and see where I can support.

So, whether you are an independent business owner, start up business or a business who needs some support to enhance your performance and take you to the next stage of growth, please get in touch. We can have an initial chat so I can understand your particular needs and see how I may help support you and your business.